Google Cloud Partner Europe

Google Cloud Partner Europe

Kloeys Cloud Computing



Kloeys started in 2009 with 'paperless office' solutions

Today we are partnering in secure cloud solutions with Google. We lift up our experience to support a new level of collaboration to transform the quality in the way we work, live and learn.

As thé Google Cloud Partner in Europe, Kloeys offers your organisation a package of the most secure cloud solutions for data-, archive-, and storage management. All accessible and shareable, anytime and anywhere.

Cloud Solutions !

Kloeys offers efficient cloud solutions.

The next level of working and learning together. With Google Cloud we solve your toughest business challenges. Be more collaborative with Google for Business or Google for Education.

Our partnership delivers Groundbreaking Solutions.

Transformative Know-How to benefit your customers, and strive to significantly improve the lives of as many people as possible.

Kloeys Cloud Computing

Trusted Partnership !

Google Cloud Partner Europe

Kloeys Clouds Services in partnering with Google Cloud

Kloeys makes working and learning together and distance learning a whole lot easier.


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